After a calm afternoon on the lake it's time to go bowling!

Enjoy food and games with old and new friends over a few rounds on the lanes at the Stout Ale House! Bowling provides a fun activity for the entire family. Whether throwing strikes, spares, or gutter balls, it's all fun as you get the chance to enjoy one's company and bond with family and friends as well as the community.

Day 1


Day 3

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Visitor Center

342 E. Main Street

Menomonie, WI 54751 


Watch local games of baseballand softballand cheer on the home team to victory!

Create new relationships with our Menomonie community.
Embrace opportunities to enjoy special moments with friends and family.

Day 2

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Visitor Center

342 E. Main Street

Menomonie, WI 54751 


It is a team motivated sport that brings people together, while also building character as an athlete and as an individual. This sport strengthens the strategic plays that win a game through athleticism, strategy, and competition. Baseball and softball provide an appreciation for the games as an observer...with excitement and hope for a potential victory.

Fishing is a sport that involves patience and dedication because on certain days the fish may be a bit more challenging to catch. This is a great activity for a person to reflect on the opportunities they have experienced and to walk away with a new appreciation for this town in Northwest Wisconsin. 

This page was designed by Anna Raasch and Beck Larson.

Unwind with an evening of fishing after the intensity of cheering on your home team. There is nothing quite so tranquil as casting a line.

Explore the many paths and trails of Menomonie on a bike and absorb the excellent ride and beauty they have to offer!

Golf is a very sophisticated sport that demands certain qualities such as patience, strategy, and concentration. Golf can strengthen both the upper and lower body in a less demanding atmosphere, while also providing a very beautiful scenic view of nature as one walks through the course.

​Three Perfect Days

Menomonie, Wisconsin is a special place overflowing with many fun-filled activities and sports just waiting for everyone to explore. As the warm, gentle breezes of summer approach, the expectation to play and watch your favorite sporting activities grows with every passing day. With beautiful weather and lingering sun-filled days, summer provides perfect opportunities to quench that desire to be outdoors and to "seize the day." Well, what better way to enjoy this delightful season than to participate in the many sporting activities this town has to offer? Breathe deep and open your mind to the endless possibilities that exist in this friendly, caring community.  This is a place where everyone is valued and encouraged to get involved with one another, bringing about a better understanding for language, connection to one another on a deeper level, and meaningful conversations with the individuals in this town. Whether playing your favorite sport or just enjoying the view as a spectator, our sporting activities offer many teachable moments about friendships, teamwork, and fair play through the ideal of utilitarianist justice. These activities also create a positive atmosphere that encourages good competition, while at the same time providing a great workout for our bodies and minds. Here is a three-day guide to inspire your imagination on how you can truly enjoy and embrace the community of Menomonie, Wisconsin- a place where you can talk about sports, play sports, or simply enjoy viewing the sporting event as an observer. Beautiful weather, beautiful places, beautiful moments that will last a lifetime- all part of an extraordinary sport-filled day in Menomonie.


Biking is a fantastic way to enjoy sightseeing and creates numerous opportunities to better understand the town of Menomonie. When one engages in the activity of biking, not only are they enjoying the beautiful scenery Menomonie has to offer, but they are also participating in a physical activity that strengthens the lower body by building muscle in the calves, thighs, and legs as well as providing an excellent aerobic workout.

Swimming is a wonderful sport for everyone because it provides so many different fitness perks. It

gives you a great over all body workout, strengthening your core and all of your major muscle groups. 

It gives you a great aerobic workout, strengthening that all important muscle the heart. It does all

of these amazing things in an environment that has little impact on your joints. Swimming allows a person to unwind and find the physical and emotional well-being we often search for, but miss out on.  [While the community is working on this, the lakes get eutrophic in late summer, so swimming is best done in May and June rather than July or August.]

Ever been on a lake before? It's an amazing place to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of boating and swimming. Besides these activities, the lakes are also beautiful places where one can simply relax and enjoy nature's splendor. Be sure to check out Lake Menomin or Lake Tainter!

Get enveloped in a rousing game of golf and challenge yourself and your friends in a battle on the links!

Enjoy scenic Menomonie and its wonderful people as you experience what this beautiful town has to offer!