Menomonie Farmer's Market

Sundays are for brunch, and brunch is a special time to get together with your friends, both old and new, to reminisce over the memories made in the weekend and have a "Sunday Funday", as some would call it. Perhaps brunch is also the time to let your inner conspicuous consumption come out to play, showing your peers that while it may have looked like you had a little too much fun the night before, that you're still not too glamorous to miss a good old-fashioned brunch day. It's time to put on your Ray Bans and flannels, because today is the day to be outside and enjoy the day before the next week starts. Don't worry, we'll keep today short so you can relax after filling up. Click here to see our Sunday tour map

Raw Deal Coffee Shop

Artysta Boutique

3 Perfect Days in Menomonie, WI

Fridays are meant for harmless consumption, straying from the conspicuous not meant to show your earnings of a hard week's work but instead to indulge in products and services for the self. Today is all about seeing Menomonie's many boutiques and small businesses, an opportunity to build social capital through supporting sustainable eating and allowing these friendly small business owners to provide you with the products you want after a long work or school week. Click here to view your interactive map tour.

Photo by Norma Gabriel 

Featured Above: Iced American with cream and college students hard at work!

Relax and Enjoy Your Time in Menomonie!

We start our journey in the charming, historical downtown of Menomonie WI. It's early morning and we're first stopping in our favorite coffee shop, The Raw Deal! There should be some type of drink for anyone to wake your senses. The Raw Deal offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, juices, and even craft brewed beer. They emphasize the importance of fair trade and local products. So order a drink, take a seat on a vintage couch, and plan the rest of your day from this site! Not sure what to order? My favorite drink is an Iced Americano with Cream! Also this is a great place to finish up some work before starting your weekend adventure! For more information check out The Raw Deal Website.

When taking a closer look at the Raw Deal, we can find a great amount of justice within the company itself and within the customers. The company recycles and up-cycles items whenever possible. Instead of throwing away old sofas with holes around the cafe, they have carefully patched them up with scrap fabric and embroidery. If you order a drink to go, the cup is made from 100% renewable and sustainable materials. The majority of food served is vegan, raw, and gluten free. This is great for the environment because these products take less resources to produce and therefore will not leave as big of a carbon footprint on our environment. Offering many types of foods, such as vegan or gluten free, is important from a justice standpoint also. With different dietary options available, there is equal access to food at this cafe. There are many groups that meet up at the Raw Deal cafe, and they are able to gain a true sense of social capital. 

Featured: Original Henna and jewelry by Artysta Boutique!

Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts

One weekend to explore Menomonie, Wisconsin? Zarah and Jake will give you a tour

of our favorite things to do in Menomonie during spring. We hand picked the activities on this tour to include justice for individuals, society, and sustainability for the environment. Pick and choose from our plan according to what sounds most interesting to you! We also included a guided interactive map so you won't get lost around town, featuring many more activities than are highlighted on this page. With this tour, we challenge you to think about justice and sustainability in your daily leisure activities. The majority of these activities are within walking distance to promote sustainability and health! 

Let's Start!

This page was designed by Zarah Murphy and Jacob Doherty.

Featured: A Burger, drink and logo from Log Jam Eatery

After our night out on the town, we need a good place to have brunch and gather ourselves. That place is the Log Jam! The name is a play on the history of Menomonie and how it started out as a logging town. Log Jam has great quality food and you can’t go wrong ordering anything on their menu! We recommend getting Huevos Rancheros or the Eggs Benedict! Log Jam also has great drinks, the local bartender recommends a drink called “Effing Awesome”, which is very similar to a long island iced tea. For a full menu and more information visit their website here!

Log Jam features a wide selection of local Wisconsin brewed drinks. This is an important part of sustainability in supporting the local community. The environment is great for forming deeper social capital with friends. 

Featured: Fresh Finds from Menomonie Farmer's Market !


Shopping, Food, and Fun in Historical Downtown

​​​​​​​​STOP IN

Visitor Center

342 E. Main Street

Menomonie, WI 54751 


Featured: A Burger and views from The Waterfront Bar & Grill

Featured: Photos from inside the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts

Marion's Legacy


Featured: Cool Antique Finds at Town and Country Antiques

     For an after brunch dessert or pick-me-up cup of coffee, we will stop by Marion's Legacy. It is a cafe that also makes handmade truffles, chocolate, and other desserts. There is a large variety of types of chocolate to choose from, including the percentage of cacao that you prefer! Marion's is a lovely place to catch up with old friends or catch up on a book. It’s perfect for this quiet Sunday afternoon and serves a fantastic cup of coffee. For more information, check out Marion’s Legacy’s website here.


Spring Entertainment

Thanks for taking this journey with us around town this weekend!

Spring is a beautiful season and we really believe you should take the time to stop and smell the fresh flowers. As Amartya Sen taught us, justice is up to the mindset of each individual, but with an eye to what protects the well-being and values of others, too. Overall, the most important thing in justice and in leisure is happiness- both for yourself and the rest of humanity. So determine if this tour of our town included justice, you must ask yourself if it brought you any sense of happiness while doing the activities. 

We hope you found some happiness and enjoyed your time here in Menomonie, Wisconsin!

It's been said that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Town and Country Antiques is full of well curated vintages items for sale. It's a sustainable way to find something unique. Personally, I have found my some of my favorite vinyl record albums here. Everything in this store is still in great condition and some of the tags include a small description of the item and it's history. I have also found great tea cup sets to up-cycle and plant succulents in. The owners are always kind and talkative. For more information visit the Town and Country Website.

Antiquing provides an excellent source of sustainability for the customers. The charm of antiquing includes the history behind the object and the fact that the objects were previously used in another life. Giving well-made and quality objects a second life is better for the environment than buying new (but often cheaply made) products designed to become obsolete.  

The Waterfront Bar & Grill

Town and Country Antiques

We’re starting out this beautiful Saturday at the Menomonie Farmer’s Market. There was recently a new structure built for the bi-weekly event. Many local farmers and businesses take over Wilson Park every Saturday morning. Local coffee shops have booths set up, so we recommend starting at one of those to get some coffee in your system for the fun day we have planned. Along with the fresh produce, there are some snacks you can find for breakfast. There also are gorgeous fresh flowers for gorgeous prices. For more information visit the website here!

The Menomonie Farmer’s market is a perfect opportunity for sustainability and justice in leisure. All of the produce and products are grown or made by local artists. Supporting local farmers, small businesses, and artist helps support the community overall along with the environment. There is a diverse selection of activities and booths to visit. 

Featured: chocolates, drinks, and other desserts from Marion's Legacy

Farmers Markets and Adventures Around Town!

Brunch at Log Jam

We make our way downtown to the historical Mabel Tainter Theater. This theater was built in the 19th century and has the most beautiful interior. Imagine gold ornate molding and hand painted ceiling designs. It is a well kept piece of Menomonie history. The theater still regularly puts on plays and events. Check out the Mabel Tainter website to see the schedule of events happening; we recommend attending something if for no other reason than to just see the interior of the building. If there is no public event happening while you’re here, don’t worry. Call the office and they are very helpful and love to show off the building. Take a little tour inside if you have a chance. Mabel Tainter Website!

This theater has proved to be sustainable by existing and running for the past 200 years. 

Next we will step across the street to Artysta Beads and Henna Rush. If you want to get a henna design try to call in 10 minutes beforehand, so the owner Carmen can prepare the henna. Also take a look around the beautiful hand made jewelry- these make wonderful gifts! There are also a variety of beads to look through if you are a crafty person and can take them home and start that DIY project you've been meaning to do. For more information, Check out their The Artysta Webstie.

This is a great place to find cultural capital. Henna is an Indian art of drawing intricate designs on skin with natural ingredients, making it a sustainable practice. This activity has been shared and combined with American culture. The art form is inclusive for all kinds of people and empowers those who do it without harming those who created it. The process of henna art is very relaxing when the scent of essential oils fill the air.

Saturday is all about good eats, drinks, enjoying the outdoors, and escapism. That's right, this is your time to increase social capital by getting out with the residents and students in Menomonie to enjoy the beautiful day, give back to the farmers and creators of handmade products and goods at the Farmer's Market and Govin's Farm, enjoy a performance at the Mabel Tainter, and escape from every day life at one of our many bars, each with a unique atmosphere tailored to every person's needs to relax and unwind from the week. Click here to view your interactive map tour.

We will stop by the Waterfront bar for dinner and drinks. There is a wide selection of traditional Wisconsin bar food, including our favorite: cheese curds and a burger. For a true taste of small town Wisconsin, order a beer with your meal! The local bartender recommends a Moscow Mule as the best drink in the bar- it’s vodka mixed with ginger beer served in a copper mug. If the weather is nice, try to get a seat outside on the patio. There is a gorgeous view of Lake Menomin. From Waterfront we will start our Menomonie bar crawl! Please refer to our interactive map for details. For more information on the Waterfront Bar, check out their website here. 

The Waterfront Bar and Grill is a good example of sustainability in a restaurant setting. This restaurant and bar uses local meat selections from the town butcher. This way the food always tastes fresh and supports the Dunn County community in the process.