​​​​​Saturday, Day Two

Sunday, Day Three

​Friday, Day One 

After walking or riding alongside the river, you can see what it is like on the river via canoe or kayak, both available from Stout Adventures for rent at UW-Stout. You can paddle downstream and then bike back to your starting point if you leave your bike at the Dunville Bottoms. 

If you get tired during your walk or time on the water, you can stop at the Downsville Boat landing. You can take a break at this boat landing where there is plenty of shade, picnic tables, and fishing spots.  This being your last day of your Perfect Three Days, you can spend your day exploring up and down the river, and when needed take a break at this fun and relaxing boat landing. The goal of these three days is to get you excited about the outdoors and all that it has to offer. There are so many opportunities to do in this community, so we hope you take time to experience and enjoy them!

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Photo by Jen Grant

You can begin your Perfect Three Days in Menomonie by exploring Hoffman Hills, which is open from 7 am-9pm.  The idea behind the Perfect Three Days in Menomonie is to enjoy your leisure time outdoors, finding yourself in the beautiful scenary that Menomonie provides for us. This  hike will allow you the chance to be able to see all over Dunn County before you get the chance to explore it.   These trails are in total nine miles long, with a beautiful lookout tower at the top of the hill.  Hoffman Hills is located of off Highway 29 and is about ten miles northeast of Menomonie.

         After the winter has passed you and your family can enjoy warmth of the spring outdoors in Menomonie.  With this much to do, there is no time to stay inside! There are trails, lakes, and rivers that are ready for you to go and enjoy.  The scenery around Menomonie makes for great exploration.  Enjoy these Perfect Three Days that Menomonie has to offer you!

To begin your third day, you can enjoy the Red Cedar Trail. On this trail you can bike or walk up and down the trail that is alongside the river. You can drop off one vehicle at one end of the river and hike back to the beginning to start the canoeing/kayaking. You can make this time as relaxing as a simple walk, or as exciting as riding a bike. This trail is 14.5 miles long. It passes through the marshland bottoms, forests, and farmland. You are able to see sandstone bluffs, and plenty of wildlife if you keep an eye out!

After eating you can take a quick drive over to play a relaxing game of golf. There are four golf courses in Dunn County, and it is something that children all the way up to seniors can enjoy. Day Two is more of a relaxing day, you can have an easy going time in the outdoors and be able to connect with yourself and others. 

For your stay here for your Perfect Three Days, you can stay at Irvington Campground if you're interested in making it a true outdoors experience.  After the long winter months that Wisconsin brings, you will find this campground to be a great place to enjoy the warmth from the spring.  You can spend your downtime exploring the site, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing.  This campground is located south of Menomonie on Hwy 25, right on the Red Cedar River in Irvington.  

After Hoffman Hills you can take a

drive down Hwy 29 to Menomin Park.  This park has great bike trails or walking trails.  It is a great place to get out of town and enjoy the wilderness not too far from the municipal area of Menomonie.  It is right along the lake and has many ponds where you can see wildlife without any distractions.  This also a great place for you to enjoy taking your dogs on a walk.  

To start off day two of your Perfect Three Days, you can go to Devil's Punchbowl, located four miles southwest of Menomonie. This is only a small hike so it is great to take the children on, too. You can take a walk down the stairs to the bottom of Devil's Punchbowl to see a natural bowl geological formation of water that runs year round. Or can stay at the top of the formations and take a look to see the water trickle down. When venturing to the bottom, you will be surrounded by the wall of water and will be given the feeling of being so small compared to the the great bowl.

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After your hike, you can spend some relaxing time at the Bullfrog Fish Farm, located at  N1321 Bullfrog Road/566 St., Menomonie, WI. This will be a relaxing place to fish, eat, or just hang out after your hike. You can set up an appointment for a tour. No fishing licence is required here, and no need to bring any of your fishing gear, because they supply everything that you may need! This is a great place to bring your family and enjoy the process of fishing.  

Photo by Danielle Magnuson 

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