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UW-Stout Library

In downtown Menomonie are two great small town comics and gaming shops. There is Heroes Welcome, which sells mostly comics, trading cards, and tabletop RPG accessories, and Gamequest, which sells lots of board games, trading cards, and video games! Both stores hold community events on different days of the week. Here are links to the Heroes Welcome Facebook page and the Gamequest Website:

The idea of three perfect days is that you can go to a place and spend three days experiencing everything that that place has to offer, the best of all it has. It can benefit many different groups, both the community it’s taking place in and the tourist groups that come there. By drawing attention to local businesses and attractions, it benefits the community, and brings important leisure time to the tourists. Our season, Winter Entertainment, is especially important because it can draw people out during the winter, a time notorious for keeping people indoors. It can keep a community alive and together during a time of quiet cold. Having something to do other than sit inside and watch TV all winter is important, because people need to be social to maintain a healthy society, and being kept up in one place for long periods of time isn’t good for you either, unless you want to develop agoraphobia. While the cold does make it difficult to get from place to place, especially if you don’t have a car, it can draw attraction to businesses that are indoors and warm. Having some kind of entertainment is important in those dark winter months, it helps keep you mentally healthy and happy. Also, if you live in Dunn County the entertainments we are going to suggest below are close enough to your home! Are you ready for enjoying the "Third Places" encouraged by a sociologist named Ray Oldenburg?

La dee dah gift shop

​​                 Winter Entertainment 

Cherry Pickers

​​Just off highway 25 is a great theater where you can watch all the latest movies at a price cheaper than most big theaters. The CEC theater is open almost any day of the week, and is a great place to spend your Friday night, watching a movie with your friends!​

  • http://www.cectheatres.com/theatre/?tid=25

Contact Information
500 Meadow Hill Drive
Menomonie, WI 54751
(715) 235-2069

Menomonie Alliance Church

Wanna get more information about their courses & coursed schedule? Click the bottom below!

The Harvey Hall Theater in located in Harvey Hall on the UW-Stout campus. Anything from plays to speeches are held here. The plays are generally held and performed by UW-Stout Students. Many different types of people hold speeches that are free to the public here. At times Harvey Hall also has live music.  Similarly, you can try the Mabel Tainter Theater, too, as Menomonie has two historic theaters within one block of each other!!

Menomonie CEC Theater

Do you know? 48.76% of the people in Menomonie, Wisconsin are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 10.20% are Catholic; 0.74% are LDS; 4.63% are another Christian faith; 0.27% are an eastern faith. Clearly, among all of the religions in Menomonie, Christianity is the “social (religious) capital” (the term is from a sociologist James S. Coleman) as Worship is definitely one of people’s leisure activities in Dunn County. You may want to go to one of the churches in Menomonie just for experiencing the social capital, or you may be a devout Christian who regularly goes to church on every Sunday morning for praying with your family. Come to the Churches on Sunday mornings to start your new days with peacefulness and wishes! One example here is Alliance Church.

Additionally, have you ever heard about meditation? There is also an other amazing place (Dhamma Visuddhi) for meditation where you can learn and practice and experience this "Art of Living"!

Welcome, even though you may not a Christian, you may not a believer...... As long as you are willing to experience religion-related activities in your community, these churches are all looking forward to your visit!  

Lan Party

Sunday, Day 3

The sociologists Hughes-Hassel and Rhodes explored the leisure reading habits of urban adolescents in their article "The Leisure Reading Habits of  Urban Adolescents". Research indicates a strong relationship between leisure reading and school achievement, so educators should develop an understanding of the leisure reading habits of these youth once. Do you like reading? Are you interested in a lot of types of reading? You may not be an adolescent, but you may be a book fan or a fashion & “fancy” magazine fan. If so, you must don’t want to miss your leisure chance to enjoy reading! Moreover, you may like reading by playing the video games! Motoko Rich, a journalist from The New York Times, highly values the role of video games in reading books in her article “Using Video Games as Bait to Hook Readers”. Come to warm, pleasing and poly-devices UW-Stout library or the Menomonie Public Library to design and decide your own ways to read!

​​Acoustic Café is a locally owned and operated sandwich and coffee shop. For those who are 21 and up they even sell locally crafted beer. They are a successful business that has been serving the people of Menomonie and UW-Stout since 1993. They also have plenty of live music so you knock out two events in one and have time for more fun on your second perfect day. You can access their Facebook page at the link below. Acoustic Cafe is located at 102 Main St WMenomonie, Wisconsin​

This page was designed by Tristan Hestnas, Mikey Mulati, and Thom Kobussen.

One of more than 160 centers worldwide where the technique of Vipassana meditation is taught and practiced, Dhamma Visuddhi is situated on 15 acres of forested property on the bluffs overlooking the Red Cedar river and the town of Menomonie, Wisconsin. The site is within the city limits, and yet very quiet and secluded. Dhamma Visuddhi, a name that means ‘Purity of Dhamma’, is a little more than one hour east of the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul airport in a traditional dairy farming area of western Wisconsin, and is easily reached by regularly scheduled public transportation.

Shopping Downtown

Gamequest & Heroes Welcome

Cherry Pickers: Store Information
1501 Broadway Street N
Menomonie, WI 54751

Get directions to Cherry Pickers Menomonie.
Phone: (715) 309-2806
E-mail: Menomonie@ImACherryPicker.com
Store Hours
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm; Sunday: 11:00 - 7:00 pm


A UW-Stout campus organization called PONG occassionally hosts Lan Events where you can bring your computer or console and play games in large groups. Some of these events can go on for 48 hours, and are great ways to make friends or spend your time on a Sunday! These events are especially great for drawing you out of your winter bunker to socialize during those cold months. Here is a link to the scheduled events for the current year-

  • https://pong.uwstout.edu/index.php/upcoming-events/

Bible Study

Saturday, Day 2


Harvey Hall Theater

​​There are plenty of locations around Menomonie to see live music. From Bars such as The Waterfront to cafés such as the Acoustic Café. There will more than likely be a spot that can satisfy your wants for live music. If you are having trouble finding music in Menomonie just simply do a Google search for "Music in Menomonie" and there are multiple sites which have exact dates and locations for the band you want to see.


Dhamma Visuddhi

Are you struggling with the cold weather in outdoors? Do you actually want to find somewhere to leave the coldness behind? Do you like shopping? You may not necessarily buy anything, but that just looking at some interesting items can make you easily delighted? You bet! There are lots of interesting shops in which you can find lots of special items [What do these local residents like to give others as gifts? Come to La dee dah gift shop!] You canexplore lots of “crazy” stuff which you may not easily find in other hometowns or even cities and develop some social capital during your visits in those shops.  Also, are you a cheap person who loves quality items with affordable prices? There are some thrift shops and antique shops where you can be a buyer and a seller simultaneously and equally. Many economic classical liberals, such as Hayek, have argued that market economies are a spontaneous order, "a more efficient allocation of societal resources than any design could achieve." They claim this spontaneous order is superior to any order a human mind can design due to the specifics of the information required. Have you ever notice this when you were shopping before? Wanna have such an experience?

Everyone is welcome, you even don’t need to think about how many bucks you honestly have in your pockets. Oppositely, you may actually be earning money as you are walking into these thrift shops.

Live Music

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La dee dah
311 Main St E. Menomonie, WI 54751
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Friday, Day 1

Acoustic Cafe

"We are so excited to offer you
 unique and hand crafted gifts!
Most of our artists are local to
Menomonie Wisconsin.
We hope you enjoy browsing
through our site! 
We so appreciate your being here!" ----Karen